A Brief Note On The Race And Ethnicity

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Race and ethnicity have always been a difficult topic to talk about, but not because I am embarrassed, but because to this date I’m still confused. Most of the time I find myself confused and asking questions such as, who am I? Where do I belong? When I get asked about my race I always say Hispanic or Latina; I don’t even know what I am. In high school my Spanish teacher once told me that Hispanic and Latina is not the same thing. Hispanics are individuals who are related to Spain and Latinos are individuals who are related to Latin America. However, there is also Chicano/ Chicana, a person who is born in the U.S but their parents were born in Mexico. Society identifies me as Hispanic or Latina because I speak Spanish and by the way I look, they can already know that I’m from Mexico, which I don’t mind at all. I can also be classified as Chicana because I’ am a U.S citizen and my parents were born in Mexico, but I do have a problem with being called Chicana. This is because of my past experiences, when I was called Chicana they meant to call me a chola, a wetback, a gang member along with other names that disrespects who I am. I have also been called pocha by friends or family members from Mexico because I was born in the U.S and even though I come from Mexican parents I don’t “act or speak like them”. In Mexico I’m not seen as Latina, Hispanic, Chicana or Mexican. For my Mexican relatives I’m just seen as an “American” or as they would say a “pocha”. Coming from two
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