A Brief Note On The Record Of Service

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Record of Service The group I will use for this paper is a “Friends in Grief” support group I co-facilitated. This group met for five weeks with the members experiencing the similarity of the death of a loved one. The purpose of the group was a safe place where people can come to heal by mourning, supporting, encouraging, and expressing grief with others. This agency limits groups of this type to twelve members to ensure that each member is comfortable in the small chapel in which the group is held however, this group was composed of two men and six females. All group members were Caucasian and had lost a spouse of forty plus years. Every member of the group lived in an upscale fifty-five plus community and all had retired (or retired spouse) from a distinguished profession with pensions. Two of the female members had identifying disabilities. The youngest female was born with a neurological disorder and the other was hard of hearing. There was one female group member who was born and raised in Germany. There were two prominent roles present in this group. Two of the female members never spoke unless spoken to, making them the silent members. In the beginning of the group one of the silent members admitted she was not comfortable in a group setting, but she promised her children she would come due to her inability to cope with the death of her husband. The other silent member only spoke when she was encouraged by the facilitator. When either of the silent members
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