A Brief Note On The Red Cross Health Services

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“Is is really a great pleasure to work and know that I made a difference in someone 's life,” Kari Wheeling said. She is the Oahu Red Cross Health Services Lead, which means that she volunteers as a registered nurse (RN) with the Red Cross.

The volunteer nurses of the Red Cross get involved in time of a disaster. The most typical assignment is to respond to house fires.

“We help the families to recover any medications that they 've lost or any medical equipment. It could be a wheelchair, a walker, a cane, glasses, dentures or anything in that nature. We try to get the family back on its feet and receiving the medications it needs,” Wheeling said.

The main reason why Wheeling like the work so much is that she enjoys working with the community, and this way she gets to combine her medical experience with public health.

“It really does impact the lives of these families that we work with. They are so appreciative that they have someone that they can call, someone that they can talk to in that time of need. Just being able to interact in a very short period of time with that family makes a huge difference in their lives. It provides such a joy and gratitude within myself that I 'm able to help a family and they 're able to move on. They can get past this disaster without having it consume their lives,” she said.

Without the health service volunteers it would be harder for victims to get back to their normal lives after for example a house fire. When Wheeling or one of the…
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