A Brief Note On The Republic Of Kenya

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Lauren Knight Republic of Kenya UNDP PART 1: COUNTRY PROFILE- I. POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY a. Republic of Kenya b. Republic government led by Mwai Kibaki, and the Kenyan African National Union is the only standing political group at this given time. c. Nairobi d. Interpol, World Health Organization, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization are Kenya’s main international organization affiliations e. 44,037,656 people II. CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY f. Swahili and English are the official languages, but some native Kenyan people also speak Bantu and Nilotic, and Cushite, which are also the names of the three main ethnic groups. The main religious groups are Christians and Muslims. g. The population is 44.35 million with a growth rate of a 2.7% annual change. 59% of the population is rural, and the other 41% is urban. h. Mombasa and Nairobi i. 48 infants die in every 1,000 births j. Malaria and tuberculosis are the most common diseases in Kenya. III. ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY k. 994.31 USD l. Limestone, gemstones, salt zinc, oil, gas, and gypsum m. Tea and coffee reign as the country’s main agricultural products, and hydroelectric power is Kenya’s main industrial product. n. The major exports of Kenya include most petroleum products, and their imports include crude petroleum, manufactured goods, chemicals, and machinery. o. The currency is the Kenyan Shilling, and 1 Kenyan Shilling is equivalent to .011 USD. PART 2: BACKGROUND OF TOPIC- For centuries, universal
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