A Brief Note On The Roaring Dragon Hotel

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The Roaring Dragon Hotel
An effective Study to Improve Intercultural Communications
Tejaswi Ananth Suryadevara
Sullivan University
Managerial Communication Skills (MGT 510)

Executive Summary This proposition is a framework for building viable interchanges and having social mindfulness among intercultural gatherings. As, on account of the Roaring Dragon Hotel absence of successful intercultural correspondence is distinguished as one of the prime explanations behind it to end the agreement with HI administration group, an European administration group that was selected for its modernization to attain to universal five-star status. In spite of the fact that HI group holds sound business notoriety in the west, it
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HI administration when it took over in 2002 fizzled not just to communicate with the RDH administration and its staff additionally they did not try to see if the employees understood the directions and policies, since it was a whole new scenario. In order to reach the international status or five star Hotel status. Hotel International started taking changing few established policies of Roaring Dragon Hotel, though the intention was to succeed, but those policies resulted in loss and also did not help to improve the quality standards, main cause being conflict between the employees of RDH and HI management.
After RDH was taken over by HI, and since it was a Chinese hotel the its relationship with the families was given more importance and they were treated friendly with respect, (Grainger, 2008) but after the contract everything changed, they were not treated friendly which led to depression among the employees. RDH staff was facing lots of issues like working for long hours under HI and they were feeling the pressure and fear of being laid off in case they don’t work and much of the staff which was working for past 30 years had to speak in English, all these factors also lead few of them to start looking at opportunities outside RDH.
The turnover rate at RDH should have be reduced, HI should have taken care of the staff with little more respect. They should also have appointment managers who at least had done their education in the west but whose roots are
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