A Brief Note On The School Social Worker

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Relate to health problems” (Wittenberg 75).The author information shows that medical social workers can work in any medical field, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and health agencies. They arrange health benefits and resources for patients, such as financial aids, advising families on care or treatments, and suggesting home care arrangements after discharge. Furthermore, the important information the author state in his book about the school social worker life is that “A school social workers may be found in any school from nursery through college”(Wittenberg 78).This research reveal that the school social worker can work in any educational department for example schools and colleges. School social worker provides tutoring in school and colleges. They work hard to help student to solve their problems. Moreover, school social worker life purpose is help for special children also they makes plan and organize different sources to provide special kids better education. There are wide varieties of social workers and their lives are playing great role in our society, such as community social workers are very helpful for our society. The author state the information about the community social workers is that “Community organization workers plan, organize, and work with community groups concerned with social problems of the community” (Wittenberg 82).The research show that the main purpose of community social workers is improve the resources and arrange resources for community,
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