A Brief Note On The South East Asia

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The South-east Asia is prone to trpical cyclone from a very long time.the country of myanmar experienced several cyclonic storms in the past.The cyclone Nargis which hit the myanmar in 2008 is the worst disaster recorded in the history of myanmar.In this assignment I tried to examine the causes & consequences of cyclone Nargis.The cyclone severly affected the Ayeyarwaddy & Yangon divisions of the country.

The country of Myanmar is situated in South-east Asia.It shares it 's border with China on North & North-east,with Thailand & Laos on East & South-east,in the south by Bay if Bengal,And India & Bangladesh sharing the border on the west.The Latitudinal extent of Myanmar is 09 32 'N to 28 31 'N & Longitudinal extent is 92 10 'E to 101 11 'E.The country of Myanmar have the total land area of 676,578 square km.It has long cosatline of 2,000 km covering the east coast of Bay of Bengal.It has total population of 51.5 million.

Myanmar experiences the three seasons i.e. Summer,Monsoon & Winter.The season of Monsoon marked with heavy rainfall & floods.In this season the risk for formation of trpical cyclone is high.So Myanmar is more Vulnerable for tropical cyclone in the season of Monsoon.In this Cyclone Nargis proved most fatal & disasterous in the history.The Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar on 2 & 3 may 2008 making ladfall in the Ayeyarwaddy division.Millions people were affected in several ways in this disaster.

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