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ECON 360 Semester Project Paper Xiaofei Zhang Data The dataset is obtained from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The data contains the unemployment rate in scope of individuals years from 1995 to 2000. Information on reported crime rates was obtained from FBI website as well as from the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center of the state of Virginia. Measures of age distributions was retrieved from the county-level census files of State of Virginia. Descriptive Statistics Figure 1: Summary Statistics •NEWFIPS: Identifier for county/city •Population structure(POPULAT): Principal component analysis(PCA) was used to develop a population structure scale…show more content…
Bonger(1916) wrote: “When we sum up the results that we have obtained it becomes plain that economic conditions occupy a more important place in the etiology of crime than most authors have given.” Without denying the importance of the other factor that may motivate the happening of crime, I’ve put specific attention on the prerequisites of the occurrence of crime and the intrinsic properties of different types of crime. I suppose that not only for different types of crime, the effect of unemployment rate would be much different; the crime rates were not merely directly related to unemployment rates as well. In fact, there is a much complicated interplay in which the direction of the effects depended on both motivation and opportunity factors. Depending on the type of crimes and whether one focus on the effects on criminal opportunity or criminal motivation, the U-C relationship could be positive, negative or null. To date, a large body of empirical research has shown that the effect of
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