A Brief Note On The State Of Virginia Department Of The Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website

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ECON 360

Semester Project Paper

Xiaofei Zhang


The dataset is obtained from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The data contains the unemployment rate in scope of individuals years from 1995 to 2000. Information on reported crime rates was obtained from FBI website as well as from the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center of the state of Virginia. Measures of age distributions was retrieved from the county-level census files of State of Virginia.

Descriptive Statistics

Figure 1: Summary Statistics

•NEWFIPS: Identifier for county/city

•Population structure(POPULAT): Principal component analysis(PCA) was used to develop a population structure scale comprising the following measures: logged population size from 1997, logged population density from 1997, and jurisdiction type (i.e., whether a jurisdiction was a city or a county);

•unemp: Unemployment rate


The florida state is divided into three administrative regions by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice— Dummy measures for region are included.

REGIO_1: Western region, which is primarily rural;

REGIO_2: The northern, which includes the high density regions around Washington, DC that are primarily suburban;

REGIO_3: The eastern region, which includes both rural and high density regions around Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

•Age distributions:

PCPOA517: percentage…
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