A Brief Note On The State Of Privacy

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State of privacy in the workplace (Privacy in the Workplace: Overview)
In the private sector employees don’t really have much privacy rights as far as company tools to communicate go. Most employees conduct some kind of big brother surveillance through cameras, computer log information or badges swipe log. The employers spy because they have the right to protect their building and office equipment. Essentially security trumps employee privacy in the workplace. Most states do not have employee privacy rights. It 's also a good idea for employees to learn their employer policies so they can avoid getting fired for misusage. While employees may feel that this monitoring is a violation of their privacy rights, it is usually allowed under the law. Emails are considered to be company property if they are sent using the company 's computer system. Employers also have the right to track the websites visited by their employees and to block employees from visiting specific Internet sites. Employers can monitor telephone calls to and from their locations, but there are legal limits. All big and small corporations have some kind of security to oversee all online and telephone activity. It is a norm especially with the terror attacks and company sabotage that occurs.
Useful Recommendations for Workplace Privacy
It may not be understood that the purpose of access controls is to prevent unauthorized access. Without clear instructions the proper use of e-mail and web browsing may not
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