A Brief Note On The Sub Saharan Africa

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Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa

In today’s world it seems as if people and society care more about how people dress and how they look ignoring what’s around them. In reality, many countries are facing problems that seem to be out of their reach, and the countries simply cannot control nor fight the problem. One of many large global health issues is HIV/AIDs. Although the virus exists in many places all around the world, it is affecting and impacting poor, undeveloped countries the most, for example Sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is facing this epidemic in which many of its people are suffering from the virus HIV/AIDS. There are many methods in which a person can get infected. HIV/AIDS is also affecting the countries, but most importantly the virus is also affecting women and children the most. AIDS, also known as Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a fatal, life-threatening disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV damages the body’s immune system, which causes interference with the body’s ability to fight organisms that, in many cases, cause disease (HIV/AIDS). HIV/AIDs is a disease that can spread at a rapid rate, which is a big problem since there are many ways in which an individual can get infected and contract the disease. For example, the most common way an individual or individuals can contract the disease is by practicing unprotected sex. In Africa, like in many other parts of the world, there are heterosexual and homosexual…
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