A Brief Note On The Swedish Healthcare System

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Every country in the world is left with the same question: how do we take care of the people within our country, and how do we do it efficiently and effectively? This subject is widely debated, as there are plenty of healthcare systems out there. Nevertheless, the most desirable system for a given country will never be completely agreed upon. The United States has recently adopted Obamacare, which, like any other new system, has been subject to harsh scrutiny. Presidential campaigns are beginning and many candidates have voiced their opinions on how to change Obamacare or simply repealing it altogether and going back to what we had before. The healthcare debate often causes people to ask themselves how we are doing compared to other countries and how do other countries operate. In this essay, I will talk about the Swedish healthcare system, how it works, and why many call it one of the best healthcare services in the world.
The Swedish healthcare system is universal coverage. This means that all citizens in Sweden have little to no cost when it comes to medical needs. Even expats, or those only living in Sweden temporarily, have access to healthcare (Swedish Healthcare). This is done through government funding from taxes, which is why Sweden is known for being one of the highest taxed countries in the world. The Swedish government is split into three main parts: the central government, county councils, and municipalities. The central government establishes the political…
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