A Brief Note On The Syrian Civil War

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War is a terrible situation to be caught up in the middle of, especially if it is a civil war. A civil war is when people of the same country fight one another because of differing political opinions. Death prevails, citizens escape the country as refugees, and hopelessness lurks in the air during war, since victims amidst it are afraid that it will never end. A scenario similar to this is occurring in Syria, which started out as a revolution part of the Arab Spring in 2011, and it is now an ongoing civil war between the Syrian regime and Syrian rebels. All the civilians want is democracy in Syria, but the president, Bashar Al-Assad, does not want the government that way. To worsen the problem, a terrorist organization known as the Islamic State has dominated regions of the country, along with Iraq, in order to establish a theocracy. Sadly, children have even been kidnapped or murdered by IS or the Syrian regime. The Syrian Civil War has resulted in dramatic physical, mental, and emotional changes in Syrian children, and Syrians in general, because of the exposure to violence and lack of infrastructure in the refugee camps. There are several of reasons why the whole civil war in Syria started in the first place. Mainly, the goal of the Syrian protesters was to have democracy and freedom, which was the goal of the Arab Spring in 2011. Syria was not the only country to speak out against the government, but so did Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya hence the name ‘Arab Spring’. Some

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