A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Our lives are ruled by technology, most of the adults from generation Y and Z start their day the same way: by checking social media. You may have noticed the term “Aleppo” trending frequently as of lately. If you asked yourself ‘what is Aleppo?’ then you asked the same question that Gary Johnson repeated out loud. On September 8th, 2016 Gary Johnson was on MSNBC’s ‘ Morning Joe’, and was asked “ If you were elected, what would you do about Aleppo?” his response: “Aleppo? And what is Aleppo?” I wanna talk about the Syrian refugee crisis going on around the world but lets begin with an old saying by Joseph Stalin. “When one man dies that’s a tragedy, when thousands die that’s a statistic.” Large numbers can feel cold and distant and even kind of comforting because they don 't feel like people, and I think that’s the reason much of the world was able to ignore the years old Syrian refugee crisis until recently. But then after thousands of refugees died this year trying to get to Europe, one three year old boy washed ashore in Turkey. His name was Aylan Kurdi and he drowned with his five year old brother and his mom trying to get to Greece. His father Abdullah has now returned to Syria to bury his wife and children and when offered the opportunity to resettle in another country Abdullah said, “Now I don 't want anything. What was precious is gone.” To talk about the refugee crisis we need statistics but let us not forget what is precious. In the past 5.5 years there has been

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