A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Topic One: Settling Refuges and the Humanitarian Crisis

The Syrian Refugee crisis began in 2011 and has continued to grow in numbers of refugees since that year. As of December 31rst, 2015, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has stated that there are 4 602 203 registered refugees. Since 2011, countries that the refugees have fled to include Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, and Turkey has accepted the most refugees, 2 500 000. A total of 8 000 000 € has been spent on tending to the refugee’s presence in Turkey. The refugees continue to flee Syria to escape the horror’s of ISIS and the main reason that refugees are fleeing is due to the Syrian Civil War, the war that has sparked an estimated 6 000 000 refugees to flee and look for new homes in neighboring countries. The crisis is ongoing and the EU countries are showing to be greatly affected by the issue.

The Netherlands has made a total of 58 500 000 € available to refugees who need funds, mainly from the countries of Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. This aid is being used by the UN to reduce malnourishment in Yemen where 80% of all people need assistance from foreign nations, 48 500 000 € has gone towards the fighting and destruction of the Syrian Civil War in Iraq and Syria, and of that 48 500 000 €, 5 000 000 € has been given to Iraq as humanitarian aid and 5 000 000 € has been given to Lebanon for food and the placement and maintenance of refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. These monetary donations by the…
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