A Brief Note On The Traditional Distribution Network

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In the traditional distribution network, the systems are designed and controlled autonomously. Hence a fault at a system will have serious problem and need immediate rectification. But, rectification of these problems is very difficult. More due to the increase in prices of fossil fuel which are the main cause for generating electricity. Thus, centralized control and integrating their functions is a crucial problem faced in the traditional distribution network. To overcome these issues, there comes Information and communication Technology (ICT) to integrate all the important elements in a distribution system. This develops an environment at distribution level, which is controlled and integrated called “smart grid” which bring up to the date where the electricity generated is transported, distributed by optimizing the system’s economy and the improving the system’s capability to spring back into shape.
Modernization of smart grid brings into important concepts as dynamic pricing, Time of Use, distributed generation and demand management. The benefits from techniques driven from smart grid are emission reduction, and reduction of operational expenditure and also enhancing energy savings. Hence energy- efficient communications approaches are made by the smart grid driven techniques along with the interaction between smart grids and the data centers or ICT’s.
We know, Information and communication Infrastructures are major power consumers

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