A Brief Note On The Uk And China

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An Overview of DE in the UK and China
When discussing DE, the UK exemplifies both the history and success of DE because the industrialization Revolution (IR) led the UK to pioneer the development of DE. Similarly, when discussing DE development in China, the UK is the indispensable model of DE and the country to appreciate. China could not have started DE in 1970s without the support and example of the UK’s DE system.
DE in the UK. Britain has a long history with DE. From the 1860s to the 1940s, British society was significantly promoted by the IR. The rapid industrialization of the IR caused the need for a large number of highly skilled workers, which is seen as the beginning of the appearance of DE. Meanwhile, the techniques, which could realize distance communication, also matured. For example, the advancement in the printing and publishing industry, the national postal service system, the invention of steam locomotives, and the construction of railways provided the basic communication cycle for correspondence education, which was the early-stage of DE. Both the social and technological environments for the emergence and development of the British DE system began with these advancements.
The University Extension Movement in the UK. According to the British law in the early 1850s, none university except the ones with Royal Special Permit could issue diplomas. According to the British government requirements for university admission, the students needed to first apply for…
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