A Brief Note On The Uk Multinational Company

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TechX groups is the UK multinational company. Its diversified business is mainly focused on electronics and entertainment sectors. It is ranked 13 among the 500 electronics’ products manufacturer companies for a public sector consumers as well as professional market. Products includes smart devices such as TVs, interactive program choice, 3D, HD, wireless internet access, smart tablets and applications, mobile devices, laptops etc. It designs and builds products in UK, Italy, China ,USA and marketing offices are situated in UK, USA, Sweden, Italy, India and Japan.
The technology we are using currently in our latest products, specially in TVs and tablets are 4K Ultra HD technology. 4K is the new evolution of screen resolutions in
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The income was 0.45 billion pounds which is 10% less than the previous year. This deterioration in income was due to the lacking of technology combination (4K + Internet of Things) in products. Market giants and most of the others medium size companies have introduced the “IoT”.
Internet of things is basically composed of two terms Network and Things (any object like devices, machines, computers), so basically it’s a concept where all objects are provided with unique identifiers (e.g. NFC, RFID) and are capable of transferring data over the network mostly without human interaction. It’s mostly d2d (device to device) or m2m (machine to machine) interaction e.g. RFID Tags, NFC Tags at bus stops, contactless cards, Oysters.

With the help IPv6 we will be able to connect almost every device possible because the one of the advantages of IPv6 is that it provides uses a 128-bit address, allowing 2128, or approx. 3.4×1038 addresses.

With the help of this technology we can generate more and accurate information. Also, we can monitor sensitive information on brief intervals. Furthermore, time and money can be saved as the tagging technology is cheap and as this requires very less or no human interaction hence it’s quick and saves time.

But as this technology is new it faces problem like security, safety. Also, there are problems like system complexity
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