A Brief Note On The Union Of Marriage

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Union in marriage has existed in our society for ages and is not a recent concept. It is also referred to as matrimony; it is a publicly recognized union throughout the society between two different persons. In fact, you and I are here because your parents and my parents decided to get married to each other and bear children. Marriage is a form of correlation that involves mutual duties and rights where individuals are communally or socially consented to and initiate a family. Thus, marriage is a worldwide accepted and recognized social institution. There are different types of matrimonies that are practiced in different parts of the world. Each and every society has a different belief about marriage practices and the social recognition of the union. However, in our contemporary society, there are new forms of marriage unions cropping up, which may seem weird to some people, especially the religious and conservative members of the society. They are contrary to the initial idea of the marriage institution and surpass our knowledge. Important to note is that they are legitimate in some states, and hence, those practicing them do so with complete liberty and freedom. We are exploring the main forms of marriage. We will put the theme of marriage in the context of the other readings. Finally, we will include a further study on the theme of marriage while reflecting on the character and religious reasons behind them. Monogamy is a type of marriage that is widely spread and very
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