A Brief Note On The United Nations General Assembly Issued The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to declare all individuals are born free and equal in rights and dignity. All individuals have to right to equal protection, liberty to travel, form a family, acquire property, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. Under this report, no individual will be subject to cruel, inhuman, or undignified treatment, punishment, or torture (Alexander, 2010) Although, rural individuals suffer from poorer health and nutrition, lower incomes, fewer employment opportunities, fewer transportation options, and less adequate housing due to the scarce resources in the region. Rural counties noted that natural amenities, quality of life, advantages, and recreational opportunities have outpaced other categories in population growth since 1990. The service sectors have become the largest share of rural jobs relating to recreation, retirement, and natural amenities. Advances in telecommunications are enabling other types of services. Advances in production technology, crop science, and management have led to decreases in farm employment as technology is taking over farm productivity. However, with all the advances in technology rural residents are at a disadvantage. The inaccessibility of these counties creates an obstruction to development with limited access to information, innovation, trade, services, and finances that determine today’s society (Hash et al., 2015) Mercer and Monroe…
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