A Brief Note On The United State 1 Of 3 Kids

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In the united state 1 of 3 kids is overweight, establishing a common topic in our community. Fatness is a global topic that exist in every part of the world. Some people are very strict when it comes to fatness. People think that a person who is overweight should be ashamed and take action over it. People from around the world judge others based on their appearance, by thinking there should be a control on their weight. Throughout the century things has been changing and in this case appearance is something people are being judge by. Many youngs as adult people are facing this circumstance, some of them even putting in risks their life, but a new update has been made that even children should be taken early decision and be ashamed of how they look, kids are having many difficulties in school by facing all types of bullying. overweight is a dangerous situation that they are letting them carries at their young age. Most of the kids stop in the path just because they do not feel comfortable going to school for example, just 65% of the students who graduated enrolled in college this October, as a result, students are not feeling comfortable in school since they are basically judged based on their appearance and not on their knowledge. Letters should not be sent to parents from school. “.Especially when that information could prompt serious problems with body image and eating habits. Though a quick BMI test might not directly increase bullying, it certainly causes distress in
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