A Brief Note On The United States And Non Governmental Organizations

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Local refugee resettlement agencies like New American Pathways assist newly arrived refugees in restarting their live in Atlanta, Georgia. In order to provide for newly arrived refugees New American Pathways has to rely on State funded resources. Even though refugee

resettlement agencies like New American Pathways are non-governmental organizations. they still rely heavily on State government funding. In this Literature review I examine the history of refugee policy, how this history produced the relationship between the States and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and how the State enacts its power through NGOs. Through my internship at New American Pathways I explore the relationship dynamics between the State and non-governmental organizations as well as how State control is experienced on a local resettlement agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

1.1 History

After the violence and destruction of the First World War a massive displacement of people occurred, spurring on international discussions about displaced people. This migration of displaced people caused the first refugee legislation by the United States in 1948, The Displaced Person Act of 1948. This act helped admit displaced person fleeing from Europe (Klein 2011). The 1951 convention on the Status of Refugees created an international definition and legal status for refugees, holding nation states’ accountability for displaced people (Enekwe 2013). Most scholars when referencing…
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