A Brief Note On The United States And Australia

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The United States and Australia are industrialized countries with English-speaking populations, and they face the challenge of providing citizens with health care coverage. The aim of this paper is to exam the differences and similarities that can be found in both countries with regard to the health care system. Both have government programs such as Medicare, which is designed for the population in different guidelines that determine eligibility, and both populations use private insurance. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the United States is attempting to cover a large population of those needing health insurance. However, in Australia, the Medicare system covers a larger portion of its population. The rise in cost and spending for health care is dramatically different in both countries. The money spent on health care brings about different data with regards to which country has the best health outcome. The patient-physician relationship in each country is different. The infant mortality rate, obesity, smoking and life expectancy also show how each country differs from each other. The use of electronic health records and ways of containing costs is changing the health care system in each country. The design and effectiveness of each health care system are different, but share some similarities. The effectiveness system brings about different perspectives with regards to health care. The Australia’s health care system has a complex
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