A Brief Note On The United States State Aid

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tate Aid is an important policy which is used to solve ‘market failure’, it is an important system which is widely used in EU countries. Nowadays state aid is an integral part of competition policy and the European Commission is in the core of control ling aid. State Aid is usually defined as advantages given by the State to some special companies or industry. State aid control is a comprehensive system, the supranational institution such as Commission and national institution such as national courts constitute the complex system together. As for national control,the independent national state aid authorities has been established now. However, it is difficult to distinguish the allocation of competences between the Commission and the national courts.Furthermore, the state aid is implemented by member states.The national authorities has strong powers. Granting them powers to enforce state aid at the national level could lead to the legal problem:chaos in allocation of powers and‘role conflict’ across the Union. This essay critically analyzed the roles of Commission,courts and national authorities in state aid and described the legal problems. Moreover, some measures have been implemented to solve this problem,such as the establishment of state aid office, more detailed soft law ,training of national judges and so on. Finally, the author demonstrated the Participation rights of private enforcement should be prohibited and an independent state aid law should be established.…
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