A Brief Note On The United States Army Most Soldiers

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In the United States Army most Soldiers want to know if they can have trust in their Non Commissioned Officers , and they can if they are treated right and the Non Commissioned Officer does what is right and what is legal, at all times. Soldiers want to know and learn a few things from their Non Commissioned Officers. They want to know if the are concerned about them or whether the Non Commissioned Officers focus is up the chain of command and promotion for him or herself or is the Non Commissioned Officers focus down the chain to where the soldiers are. As Non Commissioned Officers they should respect the soldiers the same way they want to be respected. In my opinion Non Commissioned Officers are here to lead, train, and care for…show more content…
Not showing Non Commissioned Officers the proper respect can and will result in unnecessary trouble and could make you look bad in front of your other supervisors. Non Commissioned Officers represent the United States Army and their very existence allows the officers to plan, organize, lead, and direct combat operations. They have been proving themselves in combat since the Revolutionary War. Non Commissioned Officers are the ones who are directly responsible for those beneath them. A lieutenant may have the titular responsibility for the squad or platoon, but even then it 's the Non Commissioned Officers who should be the ones that know these men inside and out. Non Commissioned Officers are responsible for that. He or she provides the Officer with a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished in order to have an effective force, and provides the lower enlisted with the direction to accomplish the mission. That is why they dont make just anybody a Non Commissioned Officer. A Non Commissioned Officer is the one who has been there, done that, and has the experience that most soldiers do not have yet. The Non Commissioned Officer is the backbone of the Army . They are the ones with the experience that is required to be a voice of reason. Often times, it requires a finite balance of leadership ability and good common sense to properly
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