A Brief Note On The United War On The Middle East And Southeast Asia Remains Unstable

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Personnel in Afghanistan The War on Terrorism in the Middle East and Southwest Asia remains problematic. Though there are many problems within the Middle East, the narcotics problem in Southwest Asia remains one of the largest to date. It has been much debatable as to how to proceed in the combating of Narcotics in Afghanistan. There are many debatable arguments for the quick pull out, of all private and U.S. contract personnel out of Afghanistan to realign the methods to attack on the narcotics flow. Afghanistan is the world-leading producer of opium poppies. “Opium poppy cultivation has now spread to almost every province of Afghanistan, and its crops deliver 92 percent of the opium produced worldwide, or roughly 90 percent of all…show more content…
Perhaps the U.S. could use the surrounding countries around Afghanistan to help control the amount of opium being smuggled through the border checkpoints. “Not only have U.S. policies to eliminate drugs in Afghanistan failed, but they have worked to undermine some of its broader goals in the region. A more effective policy would be to fully legalize the opium economy. Legalization of opium would effectively lower the value of opium, decrease violence and likely weaken not only the Taliban insurgency, but reduce the Afghan government 's rampant corruption,” (Hall, 2015). While this might be an effective solution, it might not be the best solution by allowing the opium to be legalized. There would be many positives, but there would also have many negatives because it would still cause’s death among heroin users, because it is a byproduct of opium. There should be other options looked at because what we are currently doing is not working,” (Burnsed, C 2015). U.S. forces have failed at preventing the spread of Narcotics from Afghanistan, but to expand on this problem the root of this particular issue should be looked into further. “One of the fundamental issues is that it has hindered the prevention of the opium trade is the lack of awareness on the part of troops in country. While some unidentified organizations would go around and burn the opium, and pay the farmers for the damage; a lot of U.S. troops did not see
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