A Brief Note On The United War On The Middle East And Southeast Asia Remains Unstable

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Personnel in Afghanistan
The War on Terrorism in the Middle East and Southwest Asia remains problematic. Though there are many problems within the Middle East, the narcotics problem in Southwest Asia remains one of the largest to date. It has been much debatable as to how to proceed in the combating of Narcotics in Afghanistan. There are many debatable arguments for the quick pull out, of all private and U.S. contract personnel out of Afghanistan to realign the methods to attack on the narcotics flow. Afghanistan is the world-leading producer of opium poppies. “Opium poppy cultivation has now spread to almost every province of Afghanistan, and its crops deliver 92 percent of the opium produced worldwide, or roughly 90 percent of all heroin consumed. These facts, as well as falling heroin prices on European streets, clearly indicate that Afghanistan’s drug industry is blossoming and that the international community counter-narcotics strategies are failing,” (Ham & Kamminga, 2007). This is a serious problem, which needs to be addressed for all countries around the world. It is not just a terrorism problem, but also a security issue for the public safety. As a global community, it would be in the best interest to address this issue and work together to try to find a solution and preventative measures. While the United States is focusing on stopping more than 80 percent of the global opium trade from Afghanistan, we could be expanding our horizons and look at other aspects of…
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