A Brief Note On The Universal Declaration Of Human Right Runs

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Article 23 Part 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right runs that everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. In this regards, statistics says that gender inequality in general, part of which is unequal pay, began to decline in the last ten years, but the process goes slowly and unevenly. In particular, the gender pay gap ranges from less than 10% in some Southeast countries to more than 40% in some countries of Central Asia (International Labour Organization, 2016). Various recent reports reveal that women still face discrimination in almost all aspects of the labor market: starting with whether or not women have paid jobs at all, what kind of job they get or from which jobs they are excluded, the availability of support such as pay, benefits and working conditions, their access to higher-paid “male” jobs, insecurity of their jobs or businesses, absence of any or equal rights to benefits, and ending with the lack of time, resources and information to enhance their rights to equal working conditions.
Meanwhile, sustainable development cannot be achieved without equal distribution of resources, whereas expanding labor opportunities for women means giving thousands of women potential chances to escape from the trap of poverty and dependence on men. While there is consensus that gender discrimination is both illegal and inefficient, opinions vary on how it could actually be eliminated and what the promotion of equal labor opportunities
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