A Brief Note On The Us Healthcare System

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The U.S healthcare system is considered one of the most expensive in the world. Financing the U.S healthcare system can be put into payments made by the government, private groups of individuals, and the consumer. Single payer refers to a way of financing health care, which includes both the collection of money for health care and reimbursement of providers for healthcare costs. In the United States, there are multiple payers, not a single payer. Single payer does not specify a health care delivery mechanism; it specifies a health care financing mechanism. The system must provide health care for mostly all residents regardless of age, employment, income, or health status, even though there are some limited exceptions. But in the end the people, whether sick or health, are consumers of care.
Looking from a functionalist perspective a sociological approach that emphasizes the way the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability. From a functionalist perspective, being sick must be controlled so that a lot of people are people are released from their responsibilities at any time. If this happens, it could really hurt our society and stop it from being stable and functioning the correct way. Usually when people are sick, they call out of work or school and stay at home or try and get help medically. When people have responsibilities they are committed to getting well and getting back to their daily routine. If a person refuses to try and get better or does not…
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