A Brief Note On The Victorian Civil And Administrative Tribunal

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About VCAT Through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998(the act), the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) starts running on 1st July 1998, where located at 55 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (‘who we are’. 2015). It is designed for people to resolve quickly a dispute hearing, and it also provide a low-cost, accessible and independent service, which called one stop for multiple disputes (2015). After years of changes in the regulations and rules, VCAT now has four different divisions by following (2015): λ Civil λ Residential tenancies λ Administrative λ Human rights Each division is responsible for the corresponding case, and together with a detailed list. In other words, according to…show more content…
But, if someone ignores it, he or she may be asked to enter into a compulsory conference or directed hearing (‘How VCAT resolves cases’. 2015). During the hearing, first of all, both parties must take an oath that all of the words are truth. Then, the tribunal starts asking some questions. It allows that both parties to provide relevant evidence and witnesses. Meanwhile, the witnesses must answer all the relevant questions if it is necessary. Being close to the end of the hearing, depending on different cases, both parties may be given fifteen minutes to make an agreement. But, the judge may make the final decision on the spot, or make an adjournment, and make it next time. The decisions of VCAT can be appealed to the Supreme Court of Victoria but only on questions of law (‘Complaints’. 2015). Civil claim hearing 01/09/2015 09:30am Applicant (Tenant): Chia-Hong Lai Respondent (Landlord): Wakeel Noorkhan Rented premises: 8/99 Brickworks Drive, Brunswick 3056 In 4 August 2015, the tenant received a deportation order from the landlord; the tenant was required to move out before two o 'clock on the afternoon Friday in 7 August 2015. In the meanwhile, he also was asked to return the security key for the main entrance of the building and house keys. The reason was that he did not
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