A Brief Note On The War Of 1812

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Auset Gibbs January 27, 2015 APUSH The War of 1812 According to Washington National Intelligencer, “The final step ought to be taken, and that step is WAR. By what course of measures we have reached the presents crisis, is not now a question for patriots and freeman to discuss. It exists: and it is by open mainly war only that we can get through it with honor and advantage to the country.” The War of 1812 was military a conflict between the United States of America, France, and Great Britain. This war lasted for two and a half years. Europe saw the war as a theatre of the Napoleonic Wars. On June 18th, 1812 the United States declared war on Great Britain. For reasons, including trade restrictions, the impressment of American merchant sailors, British support of Indian sailors against American expansion, and American interest in adding British territory in Canada. The war was fought in three major theatres: at sea, land, and the Gulf Coast. At sea, warships and privateers of each side attacked the other’s merchant ships, while the British blockaded the Atlantic coast of the United States. On land, battles were fought on American-Canadian frontier; it ran along the Great Lakes, Saint Lawrence River, and Lake Champlain. The Gulf Coast also saw land battles, which the American forces defeated British’s Indian allies and the British invasion at New Orleans. Most of the British forces were tied down in Europe fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The battle ended when
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