A Brief Note On The West Coast University

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Signature Assignment MarkRyan Benosa West Coast University Diabetes mellitus is also known as, “diabetes” it is a chronic disease that is related to an abnormally high level of sugar glucose in the blood. It is caused by one of two means, a person does not produce adequate amount of insulin, which is made by the pancreas and helps lower blood glucose or an inadequate sensitivity of cells to the action of insulin. There are two main types of diabetes that corresponds to the high levels of blood glucose, type I which is known as insulin dependent diabetes and type II, non-insulin dependent diabetes. In type I diabetes your body is still able to produce insulin, which is a chemical messenger hormone that sends insulin to the blood and helps the body maintain homeostasis. Without insulin the food that we consume will not receive sufficient amount of energy. It is a vital hormone that is needed in our bloodstream. Type II diabetes is a metabolic disease it causes glucose in the blood stream to collect and become high. In this case our bodies are still producing insulin and it is being released into our blood stream but not enough. Some individuals who are a type 2 diabetic may only exercise to manage their disease but others may need to take medication to help enhance the insulin production in the blood stream. Some signs and symptoms of diabetes would include polyuria, which are excessive urine, polydipsia excessive thrust and polyphagia excessive hunger. If one

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