A Brief Note On The World Of A Big World

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Rachhpal Singh
Eng. 125
Mr. Jordan Dakin
Really Small Thing in a Big World With the boom of modern technology in the late 19th century it has only grown from helping human like through medical innovations to bringing the worst of humanity in the time of war like weaponing tear gas by the French then poison gas by Germany in World War 1. This has not been the first advances in technology. Railroad made transporting large quantity of products from one states to the others faster. Telegrams and telephones made it easier to communicate over large areas in very short time. And then came the internet which tore down all borders and shrunk the world into a new state where a person could communicate with another siting in other country in the other side of the world. But there is another revolutionary invention that has been lurking around for over a century. That is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. According to Nanotechnology: History and Future by Hulla, the concept of nanometer was purposed in the 1925 by a chemist named Richard Zsigmondy. But modern nanotechnology was the brain child of Richard Feynman. Nanotechnology is essentially a clay that can be molded into anything that the human race can think of, which is why society have largely been oppose to the nanotechnology and what is can do. It can be used for both good and bad. It can be made to help humanity in…

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