A Brief Note On The World Of Healthcare

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Midterm Assignment – The One-on-One Debate The world of healthcare has been revolutionized ever since the end of World War II from the passage of Medicare to the introduction of the Affordable Care Act in most recent years. It seems lately, though, that the biggest changes have happened in the last ten years. Along with changes in policy, hospitals have taken on themselves to change what a hospital should have. There is a whole meaning of amenities and what a hospital should offer its patients. In my opinion, these changes that bring more offer of amenities, transforming hospitals by becoming more patient-oriented, are crucial to making the whole patient experience more valuable. But what exactly are amenities in a hospital setting? Although one might confuse them with concierge services, they simply included luxury services at no extra cost for patients and guests. For example, they can range from a lobby seen at a five-star hotel to complimentary valet parking, premium television channel, wireless internet services, and private rooms for patients. Amenities give hospitals the chance to offer an experience that is unique and “once in a lifetime,” as Fred Lee would say. Lee would argue that it is vital to make and create an emotional experience while taking care of the patient and making sure they get well. By having amenities, patients and their guests will feel welcomed and cared for, even if they are not there for themselves. Offering more to patients at no…
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