A Brief Note On The World Of Service

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Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” These words speak volumes to me; when I dove headfirst into the world of service, I discovered more about myself and my ability to be happy than I had ever known before. Growing up in a household dominated by medicine I was attuned to the team-based approach from an early age, and I learned about how a physician assistant can provide an extension to other medical services. However, I wasn’t positive that I wanted to become a PA until I began to volunteer at local hospitals in middle school. As I watched nurses, doctors, and PAs working alongside one another, I saw the tremendous value that PAs could bring. They were able to spend time with their patients–ensuring quality, one-on-one care—while also relieving some of the workload from the otherwise indefatigable physicians. These PAs’ work ethic, attention to detail, and care for their patients inspired me to live a life of service.
I volunteered throughout my formative years, and I developed a greater understanding of “service to others.” Working alongside nurses, physicians, PAs, and my fellow volunteers, I quickly learned the value that a heartfelt conversation can bring to a patient. As a volunteer, I was limited in my procedural ability, but I recognized that I could help patients in other ways. My conversations with patients helped me to grow as a person, as I gained knowledge about myself through their wisdom. Ever since, I
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