A Brief Note On The World Of Marketing Essay

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dig.jpg 1-QUORA Quora has 1.1 million followers in Life and Living, 554 thousand in Happiness, 1 million in Emotions and more. If we do the sum then it amounts to 25 million followers! Exactly Quora is the next big thing in the world of marketing. We already have an audience and relevant topics we just need to strike on those topics which we are concerned in like Happiness, Source of Happiness and more. PLAN A - BASE FORMATION:- · First and foremost we will be creating our blog on Quora. Moreover, we will be posting all the content like our story, how we work etc over the blog. This will be done so that even a layman can understand our purpose! Around 150 articles is what we will be posting(old and new both) We will track the views and responses accordingly. · I went through all the policies of Quora and found that we will make an official account for the same. We can give all our information’s and contacts in it. I will make the account and handover the id and password to the company so that they can check for the same. · We will first create contents for the first month my target is to create 100 articles and 100k views(in total), in our each answer my target is 1k views. · I will use the catchy pictures to increase our visibility. We can write testimonials as well. But the problem is we cannot do formal advertisements over Quora. We need to promote ourself softly, aggressive campaign will led to a ban. · When I
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