A Brief Note On The World War II

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AJ Jefferson Ms. Taylor Language Arts/ Social Studies March 11, 2015 Aircraft, Machinery, and Submarines of WWII World War II was one of the biggest epidemics in the history of humanity. From Hitler to Franklin D. Roosevelt there were problems world wide.(submarine) These problems eventually led up to the outbreak of war, this war wasn’t any ordinary war either. It was brutal to say the least, with over twenty million deaths worldwide it nearly killed off one percent of the world population (Sheehan) You would think that most people died in war but that is not the case. Over half of the deaths were from famine/starvation, concentration camps, and there was even a large number of suicide.(world war II planes.com/American) For the people who were in war they had a lot of extra tools to help them out. They had secret codes that were “Indecipherable”, they also had various different submarines, and along with that they had a heavy amount of aircraft.(world war II planes.com/Boeing) Although there are so many of these different types of weapons/tools I’m here to tell you about some of the many discrete ones. (Beaver) Codes, these are one of the many different ways World War II members would communicate with one another. They used machines such as the enigma machine and the Lorenz SZ 40, these immaculate machines were the masterminds behind the all of the codes, they generated each and every different code that Germany used.(Secret) With the codes and it’s secrets, of course

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