A Brief Note On The World War I

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LuanNguyen WWI
In World War I, Russia was the biggest army in the world with 1 400 000 soldiers. The number got to 5000 000 when it fully mobilized. However, they could not arm all their soldiers because of the lack of supplies. They only had 4600 000 rifles. The Russian Military consisted of 115 infantry and more than 38 cavalry divisions. Their power came from the resources of 25 million men of combat age. During the whole war, almost 15 million people served the Russian Army and the casualties was about 1.8 million people died, 2.8 million wounded and more than 2.4 million were taken prisoners.
Russia had a very strong industry which could be as large as that of the German, Austro and Hungary. Therefore, the Russia kept expanding their
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After winning the Eastern Prussia, the Russian military was preparing to attack Berlin. The Russian artillery was effectively used because they were put inside giant fortresses with powerful guns. The Russian military spent a lot of the funds to develop the fixed artillery instead of the moving artillery. In 1906, 700 million Roubles were used for the fortress guns development and only 113 million roubles were spent for field artillery. The Mosin Ngant and Variants are two very popular rifles in the Russian military during World War I. The Mosin Nagant had a special design that allowed its bold to retract more effectively, so the soldiers did not have to clean after multiple shots. It has the standard 7.62 mm round so that the Russia did not have to make more various size of ammunition. The Mosin Ngant was known as the most popular and effective rifle in the Russian army during the war. Beside the rifles, the Russian military also armed their men with powerful pistols with the Nagant M1895, which became the standard side arm for the Russian soldiers during the World War I and even for Red Army in World War II. The pistols is a very useful weapon in the battlefield as a secondary weapon because of its small size. The Russian were weapons master, they were not only famous of making rifles, but also good at developing the mortars, which gained extreme advantage in the battlefield. A 9-cm mortar
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