A Brief Note On The World War II

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An Impactful Event in History

The Vietnam War was one of the longest and most bloody conflicts that the U.S. became embroiled in during the years between 1955 and 1975, lasting almost two decades. The war would change the way that young people saw their nation emerging from World War II and would help define the 60’s and the 70’s as times of turmoil and change, socially and politically(Anderson 181). After World War II, France reclaimed French Indochina from the Japanese, attempting to reassert their dominance in southeast Asia. In the territories that would become the country of Vietnam, many began to oppose these invaders. The result was the First Indochina War ( the second was the Vietnam War), leading to French defeat and the
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government began to send supplies and a few hundred soldiers to teach the ARVN( the Army of the Republic of Vietnam) how to fight(Ferry 12). As the civil war began to drag on, however, the U.S. found an increasing need to send more and more military aid to Vietnam, and here the trouble began.
The Vietnam War was the first widely televised war, due to television sets becoming widely popular amongst American families as well as cameras becoming widespread amongst the military. As such, for the first time American families could sit down at their TV sets at night and watch, shocked, as on screen, they watched soldiers creeping through the bush, stalking Viet Cong, of perhaps getting blown to pieces. They watched as the U.S. army firebombed the forests, hoping to draw out the NVA( North Vietnamese Army) and end them. They watched from the safety of their homes as soldiers searched entire villages for any sign, any trace of Communist supporters. And they heard when supposed Communist supporters were executed by the hundreds, and when the same happened to supporters of the Republic of Vietnam. Either way, the war began to meet with increased protest as U.S. citizens began to realize that, no, this was not going to be a short war. Some protested the draft for young soldiers. Others began to clamor for civil rights to be exercised as they saw Vietnamese citizens, young and old, flee their burning villages and razed farms. All in all, it was a very
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