A Brief Note On The World War I

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Haylee Cooper History April 14, 2016 Luis Sierra World War I With the start of the 19th century brought two major events to the Europeans. The French Revolution began in 1789 and held an impact on Europe for many decades until World War I began in 1914. WWI left a monumental spot on the European society, culture and diplomacy; this was a huge start to what defined Europe as a country compared to the rest of the world. Along with Europe there was also other countries who were taking affect during the time leading up to World War I. Whether it be the Americas or Africa. Everyone was searching in need in different aspects of life, culture, society, and diplomacy. When analyzing this topic, the first thing that popped into my head…show more content…
But the most destructive weapon of World War I was invented in DeKalb, Illinois. Initially used to fence large sections of the American West, during World War I barbed wire was strung by the mile in front of the opposing trenches. Along these lines were another form of transportation for the military which was the railroads made the supply of vast, stationary armies possible, and even the taxicabs of Paris were employed to bring men to the front. With the railways came airplanes, which were also used for the first time in battle. With the technology improvement it wasn’t just lethal new technologies on land, it was also updated technologies at sea and in the skies. This marked a huge turning point for not only Americans but also the Europeans. The war changed geo-political landscape drastically. The three empires that were hit the hardest were Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and the Russians. “But as the Ottoman Empire was pushed out of the Balkans, Russian and Austria-Hungary competed for influenced and territory there. Russia backed the Serbs against Austria-Hungary, and the British, French, and Germans were drawn into the conflict in support of their partners. The world war that followed dragged in Europe’s colonies, too” (WTWA 710). Another thing that was a positive effect from World War I was the development of the three worlds. The first world was recognized as Western Europe and North America. These states were known as the basis of capitalism
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