A Brief Note On The World's Largest Medical Technology Company

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Introduction Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company. It was founded in 1949, as a medical equipment repair shop, by Earl Bakken and Palmer Hermundslie. Medtronic’s main products include electrical stimulation devices, implantable structural devices, targeted drug and biologics delivery, powered and advanced energy instruments, surgical navigation and imaging, and patient and device management. Electrical stimulation devices are used to encourage normal physiology or to suppress abnormal physiology. A pacemaker is an example of an electrical stimulation device. Implantable structural devices are mechanisms that rely upon specifically engineered designs such as self expanding metals, pumps, valves, and components that…show more content…
A robotic arm designed to hold a surgical saw equipped with an arthroscopic camera, that guides it through the incision process, is an example of a surgical navigation tracking technology. Technologies like this are used in delicate operations such as brain surgery. Patient and device management technologies are instruments, devices, and information technologies that help healthcare professionals diagnose medical conditions, monitor and better manage a patient’s medical condition, or interrogate and program devices (Medtronic, 2013). The three year gross sales for Medtronic are: $15.933 billion in 2011, $16.184 billion in 2012, and$16.590 billion in 2013(NYSE, 2014). The three year net income reporting’s for Medtronic are: $3.181 billion in 2011, $3.392 billion in 2012, and $3.436 billion in 2013(Y-Charts, 2014). The stock price of Medtronic has increased in value by 13.41% since July of 2013. The forward annual dividend yield is 1.90% and there are 995.76 million shares outstanding (Medtronic, 2013). The dividend payments for Medtronic are currently $.305 cents per share, the dividend payments have been steadily climbing. In 2010 the dividend payment was only $.205 per share. Medtronic’s net profit margin is 20.9% compared to the healthcare industry standard of 16.99%
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