A Brief Note On The Worst Type Of Realtor You Can Get

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3) Advice The worst type of Realtor you can get is one which says “yes” to everything even when they know that it isn’t in your best interest. They can overlook certain things which make it very difficult to get your property sold. Personally, I like to be as upfront with clients as possible. If making some simple renovations and decor changes would make a difference, I let my clients know. Plus if they are about to do something which would jeopardise the sale of a property, I let them know. I like to think of the client Realtor relationship as a partnership, and I have the best interests of my clients at heart. 4) Easy to reach Some Realtors make the mistake of getting as many properties on their books as possible. However, this…show more content…
This isn’t how I work. I know that a property can be a life long investment. It wouldn’t feel right to know that I allowed someone to make the wrong choice. Secondly, your Realtor should have great connections within the Washington DC real estate market. For instance, I sometimes reach out to other Realtors in order to find out more about certain properties. This gives me extra information to work with which I can relay to clients. As a result, they can make better decisions regarding which properties are worth viewing. Thirdly, your Realtor should have your best interests at heart. I feel a burst of happiness when I am able to show a client the property of their dreams. There is something very rewarding about giving them exactly what they want. Such moments can be very emotional. Some clients shed tears. I believe that there is a property out there for everyone. A Realtor helping you to acquire a home in Washington DC should also be very good with numbers. For instance, they should be able to tell you the best areas for investing in property and why. Some clients are looking to buy a home and stay in it for a few years before upgrading. If that is you, it is important that you know whether the area is “hot” or “cold”. You don’t want to be stuck with a property that is incredibly difficult to sell. Additionally, a good Realtor will be able to conduct research, spot the trends and advise you accordingly. Finally, you should take a look at the properties a real

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