A Brief Note On Tort And Negligence By Ray Knight, A Middle Student Is Shot

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Tort and negligence is an age has resulted in many court cases resulting in certain procedures and conditions businesses, schools or even individuals may have to abide by. However in a case due to failure to follow procedure Ray Knight, a middle student is shot. Upon further examination, it will be determined whether the school is liable for this incident, and if so what is the reasoning and what defensible grounds the school may have to stand on. Firstly looking upon the failure of procedure regarding the school and the grounds of which the student was suspended. Secondly examining further evidence of how proper notice was not given to the parents resulting proceeding the failure of procedure and therefore fulfilling four elements of negligence. While examining in defense of the school that Ray’s parents may have been irresponsible for not caring for their child. Finally, that the student maybe at fault because of his own negligence that the school may use as a defense. Ultimately coming to a distinction of whom is at fault in this case. Firstly, negligence on the schools part following duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. The school district has in place a set of procedures that mandate a letter home and a phone call to the parents. In this case, only a letter of the suspension was given to go home with the student, which was then thrown away. This is pure incompetency on the part of the staff to fulfill their duty to properly inform the parents of

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