A Brief Note On Track Cellphone Usage And Moral Agents

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Case 1: Developing Apps to Track Cellphone Usage Moral Agents The moral agents in this situation are the children, the parents and the application developer. The children have a few possible choices that their allowed to make regarding this situation where their privacy is invaded. They could research and look into using applications that will hide their location, their data and other important information the parents might want to know about their kid. Or the children can choose the less moral route of completely removing the application from their device or blocking it. The parents are faced with a tough ethical decision of whether or not to monitor their kids. Because if the parents monitor their kids, then the safety of the kids will…show more content…
This would causes a chain reaction, since the company would get a lot of bad reputation then the current developers would abandon ship and look for greener pastures since most of the public is pointed at the company and not at the individual developers. Another point to consider is the privacy of the children. Not only do the parents have the ability to monitor their kids, but if someone were to hack into the parent’s device then they too could monitor the children. This also applies to the company, if they lack the ability to keep their clients safe, then hundreds to millions of children’s locations would be vulnerable to potential child molesters, kidnappers, etcetera. Who/What are the stakeholders? The most obvious stakeholder is the company that develops the application. This company has to balance financial longevity with maintaining a moral and legal standing in society. Any software company’s primary goal is to make money, however, by creating a controversial piece of software, this company is risking potential loss of revenue in order to be on the leading edge of new trends. If there is any sort of backlash over the morality of a monitoring application, the company can be forever tarnished by their ventures and lose current and possible customers in droves. Not only is the company putting their profits at risk, they are also putting their most precious investments at risk, their
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