A Brief Note On Trade And Infrastructural Development

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Trade and Infrastructural Development

Generally, international trade tends to encourage the construction of a strong domestic infrastructure but the two are not directly correlated. Unfortunately, it’s safe to assume to assume that Zimbabwe’s infrastructure suffers due to its landlocked position, which could explain the continuous decrease in % of population with access to things such as improved sanitation facilities and the improved water sources over the years. Although, given the mostly increasing trend in trade and investments (and in real growth), it’s logical to assume that Zimbabwe’s infrastructural development will follow a similar pattern eventually. There are also multiple plans in existence designed to strengthen infrastructure, such as investments into solar panels and a new coal-fired (coal being one of Zimbabwe’s natural resources) power plant (BMI Research).

Trade and Technological Progress

Much alike trade and infrastructure, trades and technological progresses are necessarily not directly correlated, but generally could a healthy growth within trades help develop technological progress. While the numbers of interest users has grown steadily up until 2013 – just like imports and exports –, it shows no direct relation to trade as contrary to imports and exports it kept going up in 2014. Interestingly enough, the same does not apply for the number of mobile cellular subscriptions. Instead, those numbers followed the exact same pattern as imports and…
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