A Brief Note On Transparency Of Health Care

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Transparency in Health Care
Janessa Choquette
Rhode Island College

This paper takes a look at four published articles that delve into the topic of how transparency in health care would affect patients, providers, and the system as a whole if the United States ever took this route. The articles break down how the lack of transparency that is currently in place in the United States is either not good, or fine, for the health care system. The research that was conducted to write these articles was completed both online and offline, through phone interviews, online surveys, and face-to-face conversations. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether changing to full transparency in health care will result in better health outcomes in the United States than we have now, a worse impact, or none. Each article gives perspectives from different people within the delivery system to ensure that all aspects are being considered before a decision is being made.

Transparency in Health Care The truth is that transparency in the delivery of health care means completely different things to different people. Consumers, physicians, and providers all have different views as to what transparency would do to benefit or degrade the health care system. There have been numerous studies completed, and articles written, about how the lack of transparency in health care is negatively impacting the delivery of quality care. Many individuals in the past who work in
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