A Brief Note On Transportation And Logistics Management

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In the vast industry that is transportation and logistics management, has a lot of influence on the economy of the United States. One of the reasons for the close connection of the industry and U.S economy is because of globalization, and in the content of this paper we will examine different segments of the industry, and how they affect the economy in different ways. Addressing specific segments of the industry tells us just how important each segment is to the economy, instead of speaking of the industry in general. Throughout this research paper we will be looking at five specific transportation and logistics operation within the industry. The airline industry is very important to the many cities within the United States, creating a number of jobs because of the ability that airports have to connect cities to the rest of the world. Job created through the air transport systems that help boost a cities economy is tourisms and airport jobs, which can help to transform a city. The cruise ship industry also help boost cities, which operates port of call for the cruises that operate from them. Cruises also generates many jobs in the tourism sector as people sometimes have to fly and overnight from different cities to board these cruises. Another major factor that is affecting the industry is globalization and how it is able to create jobs and help improve the economy. Other areas in the transportation and logistics industry that has an affect on the economy is the overuse of…
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