A Brief Note On Uk And Eu Small Business Policy

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Assignment 1

Compare and Contrast UK and EU Small Business Policy

David Longbottom

November 2014

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
1.0 Background 4
1.1 Definition 4
1.2 Objectives 5
1.3 Challenges 6
2.0 Analysis 7
2.1 Overview 7
2.2 Similarities 8
2.3 Differences 9
3.0 Conclusions 11
4.0 Bibliography 12
3.1 Text Books 12
3.2 eBooks 12
3.3 Websites 12

Executive Summary

The assignment outlines arguments to compare and contrast UK and EU Small Business Policy.

The assignment includes:

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In 2014 SMEs account for 99.3% of firms (4.8 million companies), 47.8% of employment (15.2 million people) and 33.2% of annual turnover (£1.6 Billion)6. The European Commission SME Performance Review provides estimates for the EU private sector. In 2014 SMEs account for 99.8% of firms (21.6 million companies), 67.5% of employment (88.8 million people) and 58.4% of annual turnover (€3.6 Trillion)9.

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1.2 Objectives

The SME sector is a significant component of the EU economy responsible for driving growth through entrepreneurship3.

The primary economic benefits of entrepreneurship are:

• Job Creation
• Innovation
• Productivity
• Growth

In the UK, 62% (3.3 million) of
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