A Brief Note On Utility Based Automation System

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Abstract: Utility based automation system is a scalable system that works independently based on automated sensor inputs. Upon completion, it will be able to detect movement, temperature, luminosity etc. and respond with corresponding output. The proposed system comprises of two main parts: first, the web app, which can be used to control the hardware components such as the movement of the doors and windows, the intensity of lights, control AC temperature, etc. Through this, the users can locally or remotely control the security of their house and various other utilities. Second part is the hardware interface module, which provides the appropriate interface to actuators and sensors of the automation system. Opposed to many other home automation systems available, this system is scalable in the way that many hardware interface modules can be added and controlled using the web app. System will be able to support wide range of necessary residential facilities such as security and power management.

System Architecture / System Design / System Model with description

The utility based Internet of things system that we will be building for the old people is heavily based on a prototyping board called the Arduino.
Most sensor’s ( mentioned below ) will be interfaced with the Arduino Mega 2560 and a set of wires and breadboard.

The arduino will be coded in Arduino C or Javascript using the Johnny-Five module. This will allow us to burn all the logic of the sensors and…
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