A Brief Note On Virginia And Divorce Mediation

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Keywords: Virginia divorce mediator, business litigation in Virginia, divorce mediation lawyer in Virginia, business disputes in Virginia What to Tell Your Virginia Divorce Mediator Attending divorce mediation is one of the best moves the parties involved in one of these stressful cases can make. During divorce mediation in Virginia, a neutral, called the mediator, will assist the parties with negotiating and creating an agreement to settle their case. The mediator does not decide any issues for the parties. In Virginia, divorce mediation may cover as many issues as the parties like, just as if they were in a courtroom trial. Virginia divorce mediators help the parties navigate through each of the issues in the case and figure out ways to resolve them. Whether you have an attorney or you will be attending mediation on your own, there are certain issues that you should be sure to discuss with your mediator. When a settlement is reached at mediation, it is usually memorialized in a document, which is submitted to the family court to become part of a court order. If certain issues are not discussed with the mediator, they will be left out of the court order. First, if your spouse has made any accusations against you, you should be prepared to defend yourself against these claims. For example, if your spouse is accusing you of hiding information about your income, provide bank statements, credit card statements, and other income information to the mediator. Providing
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