A Brief Note On Waste Tracking And Reporting

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Waste Tracking and Reporting
In current competitive market, each company wants to be profitable with the least costs. This is the first reason for why we selected “Waste Tracking and Reporting” feature. The online “Waste Tracking and Reporting” efficiently avoid unnecessary paperwork, which is beneficial to the environment. Moreover, waste track could eliminate potential leakage and avoid thefts, which effectively protect our company’s assets (Inventory, cash, etc.).

In addition, restaurant management is our core business. This industry is much easier to produce more waste than other industries because how much raw materials will be left depends on how many customers come. We can’t guarantee the number of our customers. Hence, all
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It can effectively help our company to avoid employee sabotage and solve manpower unevenness problem. Over time, our productivity will be greatly increased, and the customer rating of our company will become better.

Integration with all Existing Systems
In the past, most vendors are usually aimed to improve only one or several specific aspects of company due to technology limits. Thus, many historic companies may use different systems for each department. We currently run a chain of restaurants, and we plan to improve the overall efficiency and expand our business now. Concerned about our enterprise centripetal force, we must guarantee all of our locations, including both old and new ones, to use same software and systems. Therefore, we consider that “Integration with all Existing Systems” is one of the most important features for our company. At present, our Accounting department is using QuickBooks, and our IT architecture was just upgraded to cloud shared last year. Hence, we need one cloud-based vendor that can easily be integrated with our current system and is helpful to improve the productivity and efficiency of our company.

Automatic Alert when in Low-stock
Inventory is one of the most crucial current assets of all companies. Not only just track and count inventory of each location, we also need to exactly know
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