A Brief Note On Wave And Tide Energy

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Wave & Tide Energy

What is it?
Wave and tide energy are energy harvested from the movement of tides, the rising of waves and the temperature of the ocean water. Each of these energy stores are a renewable energy currently making its grand entrance to the world. Tidal energy has several methods in which it can be harnessed, as with wave energy as well. To begin, tidal energy can be harnessed far out to sea or near the shore. The popular method of underwater turbines to harness wave power are currently undergoing rigorous testing. In addition to these turbines there are methods than involve directing water towards a specific location and damning as well, however these methods cause much more impact to the surrounding environment. In addition these methods also require large tides in excess of 16ft.

How do we harness it?
Specialized generators transform the power of waves into usable electricity. Incredibly large dams are one effective way of channeling water into a specific area and harnessing the energy on shore. There are a variety of special buoys and turbines that are being tested on their efficiency of capturing energy. Turbines underwater can better capture energy than wind turbines due to the fact water is denser than air and thus less pressure is needed to spin the underwater turbines. In addition to this while wind patterns may be difficult to predict, the waves caused by it are much more predictable. The method that appears to be most efficient in energy capture…
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