A Brief Note On Wave And Tide Energy

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Wave & Tide Energy What is it? Wave and tide energy are energy harvested from the movement of tides, the rising of waves and the temperature of the ocean water. Each of these energy stores are a renewable energy currently making its grand entrance to the world. Tidal energy has several methods in which it can be harnessed, as with wave energy as well. To begin, tidal energy can be harnessed far out to sea or near the shore. The popular method of underwater turbines to harness wave power are currently undergoing rigorous testing. In addition to these turbines there are methods than involve directing water towards a specific location and damning as well, however these methods cause much more impact to the surrounding environment. In…show more content…
While other methods of dams and the like are effective, they produce many disastrous environmental effects. Costs The cost of this technology is high, due to the massive amount of infrastructure needed to harness such power. Currently, Renewable Northwest, estimates that the present cost for wave energy is 10-30c a kWh and tidal energy is 8-12c a kWh, the future estimated cost of wave is 5-6c, tidal 4-6c kWh (Ocean (Wave and Tidal)). However, this cost is often shadowed by the massive price tag to build the necessary turbines and the large project period sometimes spanning as long as a decade. As with many other renewable resources the overall cost is low after infrastructure is in place, however the building projects take extensive amounts of time and resources. Prospective future It has been estimated that there is between 150 and 750 TWH of recoverable energy available in the oceans. However current technologies are not capable of handling such power. The field of Ocean energy is quickly gaining a following and expanding rapidly. There are several test sites off the coast of Scotland, as well as off the US’s western shore and outside of Alaska. Tides can be predicted centuries in advance making their predictability far higher than any other renewable resource such as solar and wind energy. There are numerous areas across the globe that harbor enormous potential for generating renewable energy. Places such as the Northwest coast in the
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